How to reduce the harmful effect on the environment? – conference


The Comenius Club participants, who prepared and presented their work on the topic.


Guests – Mayor of the town of Knezha, principals and teachers from other schools and representers of various,Dimitar Petrushev – running a company “Keeping”- developed in recycling,Jivka Velizarova a volunteer and Elena Aleksieva – moderator.


The leading Alexandra and Laura are presenting the importance of the topic of environmental protection.


Victor and Maria presented the topic “Carbon footprint”.


Borislava is presenting her work – “Carbon footprint of the school” N.Rilski “.


Mrs. Panagyurska received the award “The lightest step” – carbon footprint 1.42 planets.


Iskren and Miroslav presented their work on the topic “How to reduce harmful effects on the environment”.


Elitsa Zankova and Emilia Petrova introduced the topic “Carbon footprint of food”.


Tonika Ignatova presented her work on the theme”How to help the environment when we are shopping”.

1939575_659438330788198_895502201_n  1508519_688800301171640_1828095304_n

Mariana Chakurova presented her work – a model of a house with a zero carbon footprint on the idea of Victor Zankov.

Simona Nikolova and Dimitar Dudushki read their essays on the topic.

1798532_660350580696973_1727341103_n   1926936_659459920786039_1449513302_n   1507847_660350574030307_1044268926_n

The guests received thematic souvenir: carbon footprint and a message to remind them of the event and the importance of the problem of nature conservation.


Students of 11th grade with brochure made by Emil Peshtenski, presenting activities on the topic.

Our nature, beautiful and good
everyday it gives us our food.
Health and happines it brings
Look, it creates what everybody needs.

Oh, nature, all you want is nothing
but for you we actually need to do something.
Your pure soul is our future home
let`s help it and forget about the mobile phone.

Turn the lights at home off, it`s so easy.
Shut the computer down, when you feel sleepy.
In your mom`s garden plant a tree,
And for sure, you will feel healthy and free.

Lora Eneva

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