3rd day

‘The early bird catches the worm’ – the third day of the mobility in Poland started with a healthy walk in the Village Museum on the outskirts of Białystok. It is an open air museum of historical wooden architecture gathered from the region of Podlasie. The Comenius partners were transported back in time to taste the rural life of the Polish villages.
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At 14:00 the Comenius team  entered the school gym, where they were enthusiastically welcomed by the students. Then, the music and dance performance started.

Klaudia Bondaruk and Patrycja Ziuzia presented the artists.
First, Paulina Szutkiewicz welcomed the visitors with a traditional Polish song ‘Szła dzieweczka do laseczka’ (‘A maiden was walking to the woods’). The audience joined Paulina and sang the song together.

Then, Jakub Bagilcz and his lovely partner danced to the Spanish song by Julio Iglesias. Our Spanish partners, Clara and María, were asked to dance and did very well!

Julita Pańkowska took the audience to Germany with a lively „Shnappi das kleine Krokodil”. Julita was supported by Claudia and Ralf (Germany).

A modern dance performance by Vanessa Poskrobko was a perfect occassion for Sasa and Kristina (Slovenia) to show the best of their talents! The Slovenian partners learnt the sequence in a split of a second and joined Vanessa in the vigorous show.

The majorettes gave an outstanding performance with the support of a Turkish pop song ‘Şımarık’. The Turkish team members joned the girls and danced together, twirling metal rods!

When Patrycja Ziuzia started to sing in English the tears appeared in the eyes of Imogen and Emily (Britain). Patrycja’s passionate performance ended up with the ovation from the audience.

Michaela Jurcova, a young violinist, played a splendid piece by a Hungarian composer. Diana and Andrea (Hungary) were asked to show a traditional Hungarian dance. They looked confident and danced very elegantly.
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Bulgaria was welcomed to the project by Michaela Jurcova, playing the violin, who prepared a wonderful composition.

Monika Markowska and Bozena Teleszewska presented “La prima cosa bella” – a beautiful Italian song. Soon, Guglielmo and Silvia (Italy) joined the Polish teachers, adding some spectacular dance choreography to that exceptional performance. This was the first teachers’ performance  ever in the history of the Polish school – the beginning of the new era of the school shows!

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At the end of the show our dear Comenius friends surprised the Polish team with bunches of flowers and an amazing amount of kind words which are kept in our hearts till today!
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Monika Markowska (Poland) was not only an impressive artist but also the director and the very heart of the show. She gave loads of her energy to the artist and the audience.

Thank you Andrea, Diana, Mehmet, Özlem, Ayşenur, Emily, Imogen, Ralf, Claudia, Kristina, Saša, Guglielmo, Silvia, Clara and María (Angie) for this wonderful time! You created the wonderful moments and a special atmosphere of the first meeting in Poland! See you soon!

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  1. Unique show! Well done!

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