Our workshop in Verona, Italy

Penka Panagyurska – coordinator, Emil Peshtenski – student, 12th grade, Viktor Zankov – 9th grade and Mihaela Petrova – 11th grade, were the people who took part in the mobility in Verona, Italy.


On the first day, the Italian students welcomed all the participants with songs and dances at Fincato-Rosani Secondary school. We watched a video about the city of Verona and its monuments.

1557441_804464586285571_7034224788692632370_n   10822638_724643177619478_1615128936_n

Then we went to the City Hall and we met the deputy mayor of Verona.

10429328_804465919618771_2205206988235421697_n   10610870_804468569618506_3700248983307030894_n

After that, our Italian hosts took us to the Bertani wine cellars, where we saw how one of the finest wines in Italy is produced.

10801987_804470249618338_5501212167206632773_n   10698534_804470252951671_278926680506827006_n   63771_804470796284950_2991501230192879358_n

Finally, we visited the Redoro oil mill.

On Wednesday – the second day – we went to Venice.

We visited Saint Marc’s Basilica, which lies on the eastern end of the Piazza San Marco and is connected to the Doge’s Palace.

10801840_804481029617260_7519349368430946336_n   10689433_804481019617261_4706556454709463846_n   10416567_804481002950596_2363417678810792420_n

After our trip to Venice, we had dinner in a typical pizzeria.

On Thursday (20th of November) we went to Fincato-Rosani Secondary School, where we learned some Italian folk dances.


We also made earrings from recycled materials – metal coffee capsules.

1384031_804474519617911_2314914708786111519_n   934867_804474619617901_4549077729493284942_n

After that, the teachers discussed every country’s brochure and planned the next meeting. We gave our gifts for the hosts.

10559181_724643964286066_1891794391_n   10818714_724643894286073_1237845798_n   10836215_724643930952736_1071230396_n

At the same time, all students participated in a quiz show about the EU.

In the afternoon we visited the Recycling laboratory, where we made bracelets, again, from recycled materials.


In the evening, our hosts invited us for dinner with all families, teachers and students.





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