The great preparation

The students were engaged in the Great Preparation for the Comenius partners’ visit in Poland. They were grouped in several sections in charge of: distributing information, decorating school,  preparing dance and music performance, publishing Comenius school magazine, cleaning works, catering service and photography. The largest group was getting ready for the ‘Comenius hats’ workshop.

The dancers, singers and magiorettes were directed by Monika Markowska.IMG_7455116

The project banner was made collectively by a group of 30 enthusiasctic students. DSC_0545

Asia Gawryluk took care of a Comenius board – it shows a globe with figures representing nine counrties of the project.

Room 36 was decorated with origami birds and hand-made paper cubes with names and landmarks of the partner countries.

The journalist club worked hard to create the first issue of “Our Comenius 2”.The information was distributed regularly among the teachers and students.a712

Four photographers (Ada, Natalka, Magda and Sylwia) were on duty 24 hours a day.IMG_3856_DSC0001

The decorative section were busy to create banners, prearing classrooms and a gym as well as the halls. The beautiful Comenius tree was placed on the wall of the main hall.

The biggest group of students collected the recyclable material for the “Comenius hats” workshop: plastic bags, cardboard boxes, alluminum cans, plastic bottles and many more were segregated in the cardboard boxes.

The headquarters of the “Comenius hat” workshop was located in room 74. The materials  for the hats production was collected and distributed there.

The partner countries’ flags were also  prepared by the students and stored in the headquarters office (room 74).

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