1st day

Monday, 21st October, the reception lounge of Villa Tradycja. The Comenius partners meeting after the arrival to Białystok.
10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (15)10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (18)
Tuesday, 22nd October. Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 9 in Białystok, room 36. The Comenius project works lasted all day:
– the participants introduced their schools, regions and countries,
– the project logo was voted for,
– the time schedule for the first year activities was set.
The guests were introduced to the school’s headmaster – Alfred Komar. Mr Komar gave a welcome speech in which he expressed his joy of hosting the Comenius partners at Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 9 in Białystok. Then, Mehmet Çağlayan, a headmaster of a Buyukbayram school (Turkey) gave another speech expressing his joy of experiencing the meeting in Poland.
Later on, the Comenius partners toured around the school, observing school life. Some reading was done in the school library. The Slovenian and Turkish partners were brave enough to face Polish literature – Sasa (Slovenia) and Mehmet’s (Turkey) reading performance was outstanding!
The lesson on buying the bus tickets was conducted by the Polish coordinator. All the participants were fast learners and bought the tickets at the kiosk, nearby Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 9. The Polish team members that observed the event were very proud of the Comenius partners speaking Polish so fluently and confidently: ” Poproszę jeden bilet normalny”, “Poproszę dwa bilety normalne” and even “Poproszę trzy bilety normalne”. Well done, my dear students!
All the participants used public transport (bus nr 5) to commute to the city center to tour the town with Mr Piotr – an exceptionaly young-looking tourist guide:

The group (curious/astonished): Bożena, how old is he? Is he a student?
Bożena (the Polish coordinator): I don’t know. I will ask him, OK?
Bożena directs Mr Piotr and asks him about his age: Panie Piotrze, ile pan ma lat? Grupa się pyta. (Mr Piotr, the group wants to know how old you are.)
Mr Piotr (laughing): A na ile wyglądam? (How old do I look?)
The group answers Mr Piotr’s question: 22!
Mr Piotr (laughing again): I’m twenty eight!
The group (astonished but relieved): Ooooooou!

The group survived severe weather conditions, namely cold and drizzle, typical to our friendly town at this time of a year. They saw Branickich palace, the park, the city square, the remains of the Great Synagogue and the cathedral.

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