Essays “Our COMENIUS adventures”


My name is Bahar Çil. I am at 8th class .My schools’s name is Büyükbayram Secondary School.It is in Konya /TURKEY. I know that environment is one of the most important thing we have.Because it is the place where we live.It is our habitat.Not only ours also other living things’ habitat.I realised that humans are the most dangerous living things for the world.I think other living things are really patient although we destroy their habitats. It isn’t diffucult to protect our environment.If everybody knows his or her own responsibilities and doesn’t forget earth isn’t our own estate we can have a beautiful environment.When I visited the other foreign city I realised that we aren’t sensible enough to protect my city. I learnt lots of thing about environmental protection.And also learned about education system of other countries. There is a saying that we shouldn’t forget “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”



My name is Mustafa Çağlak.I am at 8th class.I am from Turkey.I went to Hungary during this project.It was the first time I went abroad.I learnt more about environment protection in this project.Our teachers told us lots of things.I realised that I haven’t known enough information about our responsibilities for our world and environment.We also learnt about the activities which are done to protect the environment in other countries. At my school we have done enjoyable and informative works and studies.

In Hungary I had new friends , visited different places and learn about their environment.When we went sightseeing I saw that streets were clean and everybody was sensible to be carefull about this.I realised that we should be more sensible and carefull about protecting our environment in my counrty. We should inform people more and warn them about protecting our environment.

We learnt a lot of thing while studying on the subject ‘’ water pollution’’ We visited water treatment center in my city and had information how water is cleaned and how we reuse it.I am trying to be more carefull about water using. I realised that how I waste water.

I have learnt in this project that if we effort all over the world it isn’t impossible to prevent our world.If we take care of environment hand in hand we can give a wonderful world to future generations.


My name is Büşra. I am at 7th class. I am from Turkey. I haven’t gone abroad during mobilities but my friends who went told me.They told how people behave responsible about protecting their cities.

We learnt lots of things about environment protection in this project.Our teachers taught us about air,water and soil pollution.We watched videos and slide shows.Students prepared posters and pictures about environment protection.We had competitions.And one of the best activities ; we planted trees ,so we have a littele forest J We made art works by using waste materials and had an exhibition. We showed our works there.It was nice to show our hand made art works.

We prepared boards about countries of our partners.We learned lots of thing about them.We learned different activities from our partners.I realised that we didn’t know enough knowladge about our environment before this project. My slogan is ‘’ If you don’t protect environment ,you don’t deserve respect of others’’

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