Logo competition

The goal of the logo contest was to produce a project symbol with environmental and European elements and the name of the project. The judging of the logo competition began at the end od September, 2013. There were twenty excellent logos and three finalist have been selected. The leaders of 19 classes voted for the best logo.


Soon, the result was announced – the winning logo was created by Ewelina Polkowska (14), a talented young artist. Her idea was to present a hopeful image of a young tree growing out of a pile of waste paper held by the human hands. The picture is surrounded by an ellipsis with the project title and 9 flags of the partner countries.


Ewelina Polkowska (14)

logo-konkurs (2)

Damian Węgierski

logo-konkurs (1)

Izabela Nurkowska

logo-konkurs (3)

Sara Redos

logo-konkurs (4)

Joanna Niecicka


Marta Łupińska

logo-konkurs (5)

Natalia Dzieszko

logo-konkurs (6)

Dominika Korolczuk

1 Response to Logo competition

  1. plam4eto96 says:

    All logos look great

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