Meeting plan

Comenius Project Hand in Hand for a Wonderful Land


England 20th-24th January 2014


Partners arrive in England


9.30   Partners arrive at Wheatfield school – traditional welcome

10.00 School Welcome Assembly

10.30 Coffee and Partners meet whole school staff tour of school.

11.00 Head teacher to present Education system

         Students to participate in lessons

12.00 Meeting of School council, Bike It crew etc

12.15 Lunch

1.00   Presentations of slideshows . Decision of final pictures and preparing the calendar with the pictures . Calendar is going to compromise of joint works from all partners and produced in Bristol. The final pictures will be chosen and the calendar will be made .

 2.30   Leave school for tour of Bristol city


9.00   Partners and students arrive

9.15   Partners observe lessons

9.30   English Traditional dance workshops (whole school) Partners to learn with students

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Partners meeting discuss and evaluate

  • use of brochures, letters. Communication via Facebook, website, blog etc
  • questionnaire responses

12.15 Lunch

1.00   Partners and students to participate in traditional dance workshops

2.30   Celebration of learning – performance of traditional dance

3.30   Local area visit – Bradley stoke

5.30   Traditional Supper at school with entertainment


9.00  Leave for Old Down Country Park

11.00 Return to Wheatfield school. Coffee

11.15   Begin Pupil /Partner project to produce international themed planters for school allotment and grounds using resources from SCRAPSTORE (recycled materials e.g. tyres, wellington boots, washing machine drums etc)

             Pupils and Partners work together on environmental project

12.00 Break for Lunch

1.00   Begin report writing

1.30   Continue with Pupil/Partner project

2.30   Finish report and agree agenda for next 2 years

3.00   Farewell and Thank you Whole school assembly

3.30   Traditional English Afternoon Tea

Comenius Partners and students –  Farewell!


Partners Depart.

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