Our workshop in Bristol, England

20.01.2014 – Arrival in London and going for a walk

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21.01.2014 – Arrival in Weathfield Primary School

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1620121_570343089716155_1810204032_n   1781465_570439153039882_1367015777_n


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22.01.2014 – English Traditional dance workshops

2   1779090_643061579092540_1129050783_n

Visit in the local Secondary School

3   1689492_643065529092145_1374049585_n

Presenting our slideshow

4   1779032_643044229094275_775915474_n

Presents for partners

1616610_570343649716099_657691315_n   1624301_570344053049392_208531569_n

Bingo, fish and chips


23.01.2014 – Thornbury

1505397_643066299092068_960910026_n   1555507_643066369092061_1167850079_n

Begin Pupil /Partner project to produce international themed planters for school allotment and grounds using resources from SCRAPSTORE (recycled materials e.g. tyres, wellington boots, washing machine drums etc.)

1463903_643066772425354_524528289_n   5

1536687_643067909091907_262767751_n   1795588_643067802425251_1554495763_n

1609632_643066839092014_698296250_n   1796503_643067619091936_267855983_n

Taking our certificates from the headteacher of the school

1545698_643070815758283_1825308479_n   6


Tea for finish


24.01.2014 – Departure

1060970_10201949331627543_285937310_n   1011612_643071719091526_2133199539_n


2 Responses to Our workshop in Bristol, England

  1. Many interesting activities, creative atmosphere, emotions and unforgettable impressions of London, Bristol, Bradley Stoke and the wonderful children and colleagues with whom we worked and had fun together!

  2. Lora Eneva says:

    Great job, people. I am proud to have the pleasure to work with you, and of course I am proud to be bulgarian.

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