Meeting Plan


29 th September – 3rd October

MONDAY 29 / 09 /2014

Arrival of the participants

TUESDAY 30 /09 /2014

8:00    Students arrive at school with host  students
8:30    Partners arrive at school
8:45    Welcome to our school
9:15     Guided walk to the Town Hall – Welcomeby the mayor
10:45  Coffee break at school
11:00  Presentation of Hungarian Education
System, Students to participate in lessons
11:30  Guided walk around school
13:00  Lunch
14:30  ’It’s a Knockout’- Sport and leisure activities
18:00  Dinner


01 /10/ 2014

 8:00   Partners and students arrive at school
 8:15    Presentation of  Dictionary- Quiz
10:00  Leave school for tour of Lake Balaton
11:00   Visit Festetics Palace in Keszthely
13:00   Lunch in Keszthely
14:00   River trip on Lake Balaton by ship
15:00   Trip to Badacsony
19:00   Arrive at Marcali

THURSDAY 02/ 10/ 2014

9:00     Meeting at school
9:15      Summary of the first year – presentation by the students
10:30   Coffee break
10:45   Health and Environment day for students
10:45   Summary of the conference

Writing final report
blog, letters, communication via facebook,
website and etc. Plan discussion for the
next meeting.

13:00   Lunch
14:00   Marcali tour
15:00   Hungarian traditional folk dance show and workshop
19:00   Invitation for farewell dinner

FRIDAY 03/ 10/ 2014
Departure of the participants

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