Weather Reports

Days Monday /31 March/ Tuesday                 /1 April/ Wednesday /2 April/
 7°C, sunny, light winds , no clouds1970595_714920971883956_186212_n
11°C, sunny,no wind, clear sky14574_850340681658617_180400425_n 7°C, cool, light winds, partly cloudy10177935_675616215818557_61383188_n
20°C, sunny, light winds, no clouds10157227_481331738634681_781431404_n
20°C, warm, windy, cloudy7000_675167905863388_286543120_n 18°C, windy, cool, partly cloudy6998_675680985812080_1165657339_n
20°C, sunny, warm, no wind, clear sky10172675_715025891873464_1820963820_n
21°C, sunny, windy, cloudy1964986_715497688492951_86918066_n 19°C, cool, light winds, mostly cloudy10175057_675738692472976_572732758_n
Days Thursday /3 April/ Friday /4 April/
8:00-9:00 7°C, cool, light winds,no clouds10155971_482384198529435_2007275775_n 8°C, mostly sunny, cool, no wind1977393_482724265162095_189538733_n
13:00-14:00 18°C, light winds, warm, clear sky10151959_716482021727851_288230019_n 22°C, sunny, partly cloudy, warm, no wind10155679_676516489061863_2107822866_n
17:00-18:00 19°C, no winds, partly cloudy, warm10150794_676182929095219_1874548638_n 23°C, warm, no wind, partly cloudy1979487_676613665718812_894992089_n
Days Saturday /5 April/ Sunday /6 April/
8:00-9:00 12°C, light winds, partly sunny1907607_676904002356445_591321231575699291_n 7°C, cloudy, light rain1619149_483662511734937_6103509096881835445_n
13:00-14:00 23°C, windy, sunny, warm, partly cloudy1613960_717610271615026_3063984498486028683_n 12°C, cloudy, light winds, cool10152525_718129198229800_8100672966397391318_n
17:00-18:00 18°C, strong winds, cloudy with a chance of rain    10007515_483178775116644_5240138716044514899_n 12°C, cloudy, cool, no wind10156071_677419602304885_4422809027763702851_n

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