Our workshop in Ajdovscina, Slovenia

Our  part in the workshop in Ajdovscina, Slovenia.  In the meeting people who took part in were Veselka Koldashka- headmistress, Penka Panagurska-  coordinator, Rosa  Ivanova – art teacher, Rumiana Vurbanova- primary teacher, Ivailo Minkov- driver and students- Veselka Borisova from 11th grade and Slavian Tomov from 10th grade.


It were shown to us with the Slovenian education system  and the work in  the school Danilo Lokar. 


We show them a video on the topic “Carbon footprint”. 

10151701_598628556887608_515459905_n   1012136_669610746437623_983257220_n

We also give to our partners card with spring motives and also martenitsi, made by students and teachers.

10150055_598633693553761_800544337_n   1624862_598633660220431_25586467_n


We participate in different  actions which were in the daily schedule- we also learnt the lyrics from the anthem of the project, we made pictograms with different meaning related to the project. 

10151508_598628500220947_1285609579_n   10149424_598628676887596_36832787_n

10152837_598628716887592_101261522_n   10168330_598628773554253_254200855_n

Slavian gave an interview for their national television and their radio.


We  saw the Slovenian beautiful nature till we were there. We visited natural and historical facilities and  museums.- the cave Postoina, the capital city of Ljubljana.

1492824_598628550220942_2113319011_n   10157033_598628553554275_134206625_n



The kind hosts had the task to show us their national dishes, music and dances.We also studied some Slovenian words. 

10157031_598628683554262_552441176_n   1912263_669636769768354_463143254_n



After this we showed them some Bulgarian things like Bulgarian round dance. 


It was an unforgettable week in Slovenia! Magnificent students and teachers- kind and nice. We thank you for you warm  meeting and the great organization of the workshop.




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