The beauty of Bulgarian nature

      Bulgaria – little nook from the paradise, include in it the wonderful beauty of the hot sea and the awesome peaks of the mountains covered with snow hats. Situated only on 2% of Europe’s territory, Bulgaria has variety of the landscape, suitable for all year holidays climate and a beautiful nature. Very wonderful mountains are Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina and the west Rodopes with beautiful forests full of animals, many caves, waterfalls and lakes. There are national parks in the country made to protect the environment-National Park “Rila” which is include of the list of “Unesko” for world nature and culture inheritance, National Park „Central Balkan” and Nature Park “The Blue stones”.1  1458827_540534339363697_403090977_n

       Bulgaria has a variety of animal species. Their habitat and natural home, necessary for the existence of most of them is located in the border of the National Parks and reserves. There is a new edition of “The Red book of Bulgaria” which includes three parts for endangered things, connected with the nature: the first part-plants and mushrooms, the second-animals and the third for habitats. In the country there are 289 species birds.327 of them are protected and 100 of them are included in the book. Also in the “The Red book of Bulgaria” are entered 19 species mammals, 13 reptiles and 24 fishes.2

Last year our school organized two clubs connected with the protection of the environment. The first one was called “Green paths” and the second “Close meeting with the nature”. We were very interested because 2 times a month we went to trips to beautiful places. In one of the trips we put different drawings to show people what can and can’t do in the forest. For example where to throw the rubbish, not to make a fire, not to cut the trees and so on. There was another club connected with woodwork in which students made little wood houses for birds and put it on trees in our zoo in Knezha.3  1450821_540531206030677_678872996_n

Everyone who is interested in things connected with animals, plants and beautiful sights have to visit Bulgaria. You won’t be disappointed. There is a lot to see:

On the homepage of our school in Facebook you can see many pictures of the trips:

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