Bristol day by day

This time our Comenius Project “Hand in Hand for a Wonderful Land” has led us (in this case our English teacher Begoña) to Wheatfield Primary School in Bradley on Trent (near Bristol). It is a brand new school (about 15 years) with beautiful facilities. But the best thing of all was our welcoming, as you can see in the picture:



After that, all the students met at the events room to welcome us and singing some songs. Aren’t they sweet?



Right after, our kind guides showed us their beautiful school:

3 4 5 6 7 8


Ready to work! We met a group of representatives of the “Bike it Crew”, a student association which tries to make people conscious about the benefits of using non polluting transports:

9 10


After a stressing day at school, a lightning visit to Bristol to enjoy the good weather!

11 12


Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

Having checked everybody was safe and sound after the nice and cool walking, we started a new working day with the presentations of the different countries’ works:

14 15


However, all that we did was not serious work. We also had time to have fun!

16 17


(Traditional Englisg dances and bingo prizes)

And for dinner, at six, of course…



Thursday, 23rd January 2014

More presentations and teachers meeting to decide about next encounters:

19 20


We also visited Thornbury, a little town where people still have a traditional style of life, without supermarkets or malls:



Back to school, we could see how some tyres were turned into flowerspot stands with colourful flowers corresponding to the flags of the different participant countries:

22 23 24


To end with, we had the delivery of certificates, the students goodbye and a typical English tea (which is not at five o’clock as everybody thinks…):



And that’s what just three days can be in Britain! Thank you all and see you soon!

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  1. iwona says:

    Really wonderful meeting 🙂

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