Our students

Jakub Burzyński (14): I’m into pop music. I like reading books and my favourite one is “Game of thrones”. I’m interested in computer games, especially League of Legends.
1384604579197Natalia Dzieszko (14): I’m into listening to music, especially pop. I usually listen to Lana del Ray. I like dance, too. My favourite style is hip-hop. i enjoy chatting on the internet and meeting friends. I really want to meet somebody 13-15 years old. I’m not too bothered about your nationality. I want to meet an optimistic person.
julka małaJulia Magnuszewska (14):  I’m into rock, house and dance music. I love reading books. My favourite is “Kamila”  by E. Barańska. In my free time I surf the internet and chat with friends on facebook or I meet my friends. I want to meet somebody 14-16 years old who enjoys chatting on facebook:).           Facebook: Julia Magnuszewska
Aleksandra Jaroszewicz (15): I’m into  music. I love singing and playing the piano. I often read books, but only fantasy. I like sport, especially handball and volleyball. I’m keen on dancing and I always watch talent shows on TV.
Facebook: Aleksandra Jaroszewicz 
Szymon Petelski  (15): I’m into sports, especially basketball. I often watch the NBA matches. My favourite basketball team is Houston Rockets and I am a fan of James Harden.
Facebook: Szymon Petelski 
unnamedJulia Wołosik (15):I’m a strange girl. I’m crazy about watching anime and reading lots of mangas and other books. I love hard music, but sometimes I like listening to classical music. I want to be a criminologist in the future.
dominika korolczukDominika Korolczuk (14): I like watching films, especially horrors. I’m into sport, especially volleyball and karate. I also read books. My favourite are “Pretty Little Liars” and “Weronika wants to die”. I’m into chatting on the internet and meeting friends. I really want to meet somebody 14-17 years old.
Facebook: Dominika Korolczuk
magda słonimskaMagda Słomińska (14): I love listening to rock and metal. My favourite bands are Happysad a nd Guns n’ Roses. In my free time I also read books, my favourite is” Pretty Little Liars”. I like films, especially horrrors. I’m into meeting my friends. I really want to meet someone interesing, I’m not to bothered about your age.
Facebook: Magda Słomińska
Gabriela Duchnowska (14): I really like music and my favourite singer is James Arthur. I’m interested in football. I like Jagiellonia Białystok and Chelsea Football Club. I support Polish national team but they aren’t good. I don’t like getting up in the morning and I  hate maths.
Facebook: Gabriela Duchnowska
Natalia Suhak (14): I really like listening to music, but I haven’t got favourite singer.I ‘m interested play the instruments, especially the guitar. I like paint , too. I don’t like history and geography.
Wiktoria Radziszewska (14): I really enjoy playing sports especially basketball. I also really like to dance. I want sbdy who enjoys chatting on instat messenger.
Zuzanna Krawczyk (14): I love music, I like listening to Taylor Swift and Paramore’s songs. I’m really into dancing and drawing. I also like reading books and manga. In my free time I usually chat with friends.
plażaHi, I’m Daria and I’m 14. I’m interested  in fashion, drama and music. I like Adele, the Beatles, Lana Del Rey, Marina  and One Direction too. I’m mad about travelling, meeting new people and learning new things. I like animals too. My favorites are tigers and elephants.
I’m Asia and I’m 14. I really like listening to music, especially  A$AP ROCKY and Die Antwoord.  I’m interested in volleyball and handball. In my free time I like chatting and meeting friends in KFC or McDonald’s. I want to meet somebody 14-16 years old.
Hi, I’m Ania Falba and I’m 13. I live in Poland in Białystok. I like listening to music and my favorite bend is One Direction. I’m interested in music, dance and I really like reading books.
Urszula Zaborowska (15): I’ ve got 2 little sisters. My favourite season is winter. I love reading books and listening music. I like meeting friends and shopping. I’ ve got 2 dogs called Max and Maya.
Facebook: Urszula Zaborowska
Monika Kraszewska (15)
I like sport, books but I don’t like learning. I HATE. I like riding a bike. I love my friends and laughing with them.
Facebook: Monika Kraszewska
Daniel Lipnicki (14): My favourite day of the week is Friday. I’m interested in sport, music (hip-hop and pop) and social dance. My favourite sport is basketball and my favourite team is Chicago Bulls.
Aleksandra Popowska (14): I like music, especially rock and alternative. I also like reading books, playing the guitar and singing.
Facebook: Aleksandra Popowska
My name is Damian Mrozowski and I’m 15. I live in Bialystok, in Poland. I’m interested in M&A, basketball and video games. I’m really keen on rap music, too.
My email: narutoanime111@gmail.com
marta łupinskaMarta Łupińska (15 ): I’m intrested in electronic music like drum and bass or dubstep. I love watching films but recently I enjoy reading more books. I’d like to meet interesting people and improve my English skills.
Facebook: Marta Łupińska
E-mail: marcepan9822@gmail.com
HI,I’m Sara and I’m 15 years old. I’m into rock music and art. I love reading books, especially fantasy. Iwoud like to meet someone over 14. That’s my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sara.redos
And that’s my mail: oppangam@gmail.com
I’m Natalia and I’m from Poland. I’m 14 years old. I’m really into music, especially metal, rock and  pop. I do boxing and I like football too.  I love surfing the internet, reading books and magazines. I’m interested in cars. I love Spain and Spanish language.
Hello, I’m Milena and I’m 15. I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I’m interested in Asian culture and I can speak Korean ( I can also say a few phrases in Chinese, Japanese, Thai). I spend really long time in the Intenet and I chat with my friends from all over the world, listen to music, watch some videos. I enjoy meeting new people, so I hope we can be good friends~
Klaudia Bondaruk (15): I’m a nice person who likes helping people. I’m also tolerant and friendly so don’t be afraid of writing to me.  I’m into different kinds of rock music. If you want, just send me a message!
Facebook: Klaudia Bondaruk
Patrycja Ziuzia (15): I’m an optymist and I think I have a sense of humour 😉 I’m lively and talkative which means I really like meeting new people and this project makes it possible. I’m keen on singing and jazz artists. If you want to meet someone like me just send me a message!
Facebook: Patrycja Ziuzia 
My name is Matthew Dawidziuk (14). I’m interested in acting, all kinds of art, horseback riding, and fashion.
I want to meet new people.
Weronika Gustak (13): My name is Weronika I’m 13 years old. I leave in Poland (Białystok).I’m into music.In my free time I love going to the cinema, surf in the internet and meet my friends.I like reading magazines and listening to music. I want to chat with somebody (best boy) who is 13-15 years old.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weronika.germanotta
Gmail: weroniczkagustak@gmail.com

Marta Ignatowicz (13): I’m into horse riding and reading books and manga. I also love listening to music, especially rock and metal. My favorite bands are Iron Maiden and Guns n’ Roses. I like drawing and taking photos. I’m not bothered about age.
E-mail: one.xako@gmail.com
Facebook: Marta Ignatowicz

???????????????????????????????My name is Mateusz, my friends call me ‘Rutek’. I’m a –15 year-old Polish student whose got a lot of passions. I love sport, every type of it, but especially – martial arts. I’ve been practising judo since I was 10. Find me on facebook 😉
e-mail: matir4@op.pl

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