T-shirts for a wonderful land

At our COMENIUS conference in Sevilla, all the partner teams from Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, England, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Poland painted a logo and a slogan on T-shirts to express their deep interest in the protection of our environment. So we were kind of painting hand in hand for a wonderful land, for our future and for the sole planet we have to establish our lives.

Water, trees, recycling, reducing, reusing, fresh air –  all the topics of sustainable life style were considered and given a strong support through our paintings.

Sevilla010 Sevilla011 Sevilla013 Sevilla014 Sevilla021
Sevilla015 Sevilla016 Sevilla019 Sevilla020  shirt Italy portrait

4 Responses to T-shirts for a wonderful land

  1. Great work! Congratulations to all participants!
    But no Italian shirt!

  2. Borislav Petrov says:

    It’s just amazing! I’m impressed by your artistic ideas! The T-shirts are wonderful! Well done! 🙂

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