Logo design contest

On the first day of the meeting in Białystok, Poland, the logos from eight partner countries were presented. The logo of the “Hand in hand for a wonderful land” project was voted for. There were 15 voters: everybody had three choices: they could vote for their favorite, the second and the third choice. 3 points went for the first, 2 for the second, 1 point for the third choice. Ralf Bernegg and Claudia Schüler (Germany) counted the points and the result was announced – the victory went to the Polish logo designed by Ewelina Polkowska (14). The logo shows a tree growing out of human hands. It is surrounded by 9 flags of the partner countries (after the result had been announced Ewelina added a Bulgarian flag to the picture).

IMG_6106 IMG_6107IMG_5941 IMG_5940IMG_5937 IMG_5939tuozIMG_6105 IMG_5936IMG_5935 IMG_5934tłob

1. Great Britain, 2. Germany, 3. Slovenia, 4. Hungary, 5. Spain, 6. Turkey, 7. Italy, 8. Poland.

IMG_6007 37 39 40

1 Response to Logo design contest

  1. Great suggestions! Difficult choice. I think that the logo of the project is great!

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