Essays about the students’ impressions of the Comenius project adventure

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Many of the participating students from all the nine countries have written and posted essays about the various experiences they have gathered through the meetings, their individual research work or the continuous process of dealing with ecological problems. Randomly we have picked a few paragraphs to display here; just click on the link to read more.

From Bialystok, PL: “The Comenius Project taught us a lot of things. It helps us enlarge our knowledge about ecology and break our language barrier.

            Another issue in the project was to fight noise. We organized a survey among students and teachers of our school – the topic was “Human sensitivity to noise at school”. It turned out that a lot of people, students and teachers alike, struggle with this problem. Each of us knows how important for our health is silence. We decided to take actions against noise: it’s time for us to relax!”    by Julia Magnuszewska, Natalia Dzieszko

From Ajdovščina, SI:

Laura Brecelj about her visit to Hungary: ” Hungary can be seen as culturally rich country. A country with a lot of natural gifts and with a lot of construction areas … A visit to Hungary was a new, unforgettable experience.”

Zala Kretič also visited Hungary and wrote: “From our visit to Hungary I learned some new facts: they invented Rubic cube, C vitamine pills, matches and pens. I am very pleased that I had a chance to visit Hungary and experienced the beautiful country, as I am thankfull to be a part of Comenius project.”

Teo Gaberšček about his experience and new friends: “We spent a lot of our time in Hungary with girls from Great Britain. We were hanging out together even after class. We talked about our end their school system and compared them … Our mobility week has gone by very quickly. Friday came too soon and we had to say goodbye to all of our new friends.”

Timon Hreščak was interested in minorities and languages: “Slovenian ethnical minority is also a part of Hungarian minorities.
In my opinion Hungarian people are very friendly. Younger people speak very good english, so I had no problem with communication.”

Veronika Bratina on her Balaton experience: “My best experience was in the morning, when it was humid and cold, due to the influence of Lake Balaton … We took a boat ride on the great muddy lake Balaton. Since there is no sea in Hungary, you can swim in Hungarian lakes during summer.”

From Marcali, HU:

So far 12 Hungarian students have travelled to our Comenius project meetings. Our students visited England, Slovenia and Italy. They would like to share their expreriences and memories  about the hosted countries, programmes and friends they made during these times.

imageFrom Bristol, UK:

After 3 of our students visited Hungary, they presented their experiences in an assembly.

Hungary Assembly

Other students made posters about the countries in our Project.


Read more about the experience, the adventures, the fun our students from Berlin/D had through the COMENIUS conferences on our Wilma homepage.


From Knezha, BG:


Emil Peshtenski about his visit to Italy: “From the whole trip I was amazed from the Italians, but alongside with that I had a great time with the Polish group. I had an amazing experience during my stay in Italy.”


Denitsa Kotova about her visit to England: “I liked the history and buildings in Bristol and travelling around this city was a pleasure. The meeting was one of the most useful I have ever been to.”

All essays of our students are here:

From Konya/TR our students tell you their adventurous experiences, like Mustafa:

In Hungary I had new friends , visited different places and learn about their environment.When we went sightseeing I saw that streets were clean and everybody was sensible to be carefull about this.I realised that we should be more sensible and carefull about protecting our environment in my counrty. We should inform people more and warn them about protecting our environment.

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  1. Marvelous! Excellent job! Keep your enthusiasm like that!

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