It is easy to teach and to learn, if you have enough literature available. Internet is a perfect place to get informations, but it is still important to have some available printed information. With help from our public utility named KOMUNALA, our students are learning about proper care of biodegradable waste …

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Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera Carnica)

Slovenia has an indigenous Carniolan bee, which was first described in 1879.


In 2004, the Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association obtained the status of a recognized bee breeders’ association. In Slovenia, beekeepers are allowed to keep only the Carniolan bee – Apis mellifera Carnica, a subspecies of the western honey bee Apis mellifera. Slovenia is the homeland of the Carniolan bee (Apis mellifera Carnica).

On the initiative of the Slovenian Beekeepers Association, for three year now the Slovenian schools and kindergartens have been organizing a day of the Slovenian food and a free traditional Slovenian breakfast for the pupils. The traditional Slovenian breakfast consists of milk, bread, butter, honey and apples. All food must be produced in Slovenia. The purpose of the Slovenian breakfast is to educate about healthy eating habits and the importance of food supply from the local environment.

Food produced in the local environment compared to the food that has travelled hundreds of kilometres has many advantages. By buying the local food, which is also fresher, you also make a small step towards reducing the pollution caused by exhaust gases in the transport chain of food from the producer to the final customer.

Saša Kravos, prof.



MENTOR: Marjetica Stopar, prof.

In the fifth grade the children were inspired by our project’s theme and wrote some poems on the topic.

Neža Velikonja Krašan, 5. a


The Earth deserves to be clean,

clean like polished runway sheen.

The forests and meadows should be free of any mine,

but filled with life, perfect and fine!

The world should be colourful like a butterfly

or a rainbow over the sky.

So give me your hand my dearest friend

and let’s work together for a cleaner land!

Let’s be ecological

and make the Earth a jewel.

Let us sweep the pollution away –

we don’t wish to ask for help every day.

Water should be crystal clear – not only at springs!

It should be like a beautiful glade

or a song that a nightingale sings.

So once again my dearest friend:

let us live hand in hand for a wonderful land.


Hana Vovk, 5. a

Never throw garbage into the nature!

Rather be an activator

that shows the world

how nature can be pearled.

Let us love our Mother Earth,

respect her – she is of great worth.

Nowadays we push forward technology,

but much better is ecology.

It deals with nature – pure and true,

I wish the rest of the world would see this too.

Let us love our Mother Earth,

respect her – she is of great worth.

If we only talk about it,

the world will remain unfit.

If we keep inflicting on it this hurt,

we’ll soon end up in dirt.

It’s no news

that we have no time to lose.

So, quick, my friend,

give me your hand for a beautiful land.

Let us love our Mother Earth,

respect her – she is of great worth.


Pia Stibilj, 5. a

Let us love our planet,

and separate the waste.

The waste belongs to rubbish bins –

the nature should be graced.

Protecting is repaying,

all life on Earth underlaying.

So let us take each other’s hand

and make the Earth a cleaner land –

return her all its grand.


Mark Gomizelj, 5. a

We gathered here today

to help the nature

and make sure the animals are OK.

We will start with factories,

and take care of our air.

We will put the filters on

so the pollution now: beware!

Sadly our waters are dirty, too.

So let us make them clean anew!

We would like to protect

all animals and plants,

and hand in hand save them

as priceless grants.



MENTOR: Nataša Markič, school librarian

Today the first graders visited the school library for the first time. They learned how to behave there and where to find books that are appropriate for their age. They discovered that there are plenty of books talking about nature and explaining how to take care of the environment. They have borrowed some of them to read and talk about in the classroom and at home.





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