Report of the meeting


Bialystok 24.10.2013

21st – 25th October 2013

Hand in hand for a wonderful  land


In October 2013, eight countries came together in Bialystok, Poland and  took part in the first Comenius meeting for an environmental project called Hand in  hand for a wonderful land.

We achieved the following actions:

Day 1  – Tuesday 22nd October 2013


  • All participants conducted a logo competition in their schools. Final entries from each were judged by the participating teachers.

The winning logo was Ewelina Polkowska aged 14 from Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 9, Poland.

  • The participating countries presented their countries, regions, educational systems, and schools.
  • A tour of the school was conducted by the Polish teachers, all participants observed the facilities available to the students and experienced an atypical History lesson.
  • Students made traditional Polish cakes for the participants to taste during their meeting.
  • Students served the participants a traditional Polish meal and participants learnt some simple Polish vocabulary. For example,  Dziękuję, Proszę, Przepraszam.
  • A schedule for the mobilities were agreed as follows;

England  20th-24th January 2014

Slovenia  17th-21st March 2014

Spain 26th – 30th May 2014

Hungary  15th-19th September 2014

Italy  17th – 21st November 2014

Germany  16th -20th March 2015

Turkey  11th-15th May 2015 Final Meeting

All participants agreed due to the late application of Bulgaria to the project, a mobility would not be possible considering the financial restrictions of the project.

  • Participants experienced a tour of the local area. A tour guide explained the history of Bialystok.
  • The Polish hosts including the Headmaster and Vice Headmistress invited all participants to a traditional evening meal.

Day 2 – Wednesday 23rd October 2013

  • Polish hosts welcomed all participants once again to their school.
  • Participants were welcomed by the students with a traditional greeting of bread and salt, they had also prepared flags for each of the participating countries.

Students (aged 13-16) and participants worked together communicating only in English, on a hat project to reflect the environmental and national aims of the project.

  • Students and participants displayed their projects.
  • A fashion show of the hats was performed by students and participants. The Polish press were invited to attend.
  • Ralf Bernegg, our German partner gave an introduction to our project website.
  • Participants visited Supraśl, a health resort with an orthodox monastery and icon museum.


Day 3 – Thursday 24th October 2013

  • Participants visited the Open Air Village Museum near Bialystok to find out about the history of Polish farming.
  • Polish hosts welcome participants once again to their school.
  • Participants discuss final arrangements and agree minutes of meetings. Report agreed unanimously by all.
  • Official closing of initial meeting in Poland including some modern, traditional and  international  music and dance performed by the Polish students and teachers.
  • Comenius cake is offered.


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