Knezha is a town located in Pleven’s area, Central North Bulgaria. Here lives around 10 000 citizens. The area that the town is in has different climate than the towns around it. Basically it is a small “climate island” in the Dunabe valley.IMG_7298

The climate of the town is different from the rest of the country. What makes it unique is the freezing and windy winter, cool and windy spring and boiling hot summer.

The lowest registered temperature is -35°С  and the highest temperature is 42,7°С .

Because of the specific valley location of the town there are vivid temperature inversions.IMG_7306

Our region is very famous with its wheat and corn cultures. The most common culture is the corn that’s why we have built an institution to make different types of corn which products more amount of corn as in result. The beginning of The Institute for Corn is set in 1924 years. We also plant other cultures like PENTAX Imageoats and barley.

In our town we have six schools, one museum 33616_105813772816236_105749259489354_47668_1578551_n, a church and a zoo “Gergana”.


We are proud of our dancing and singing teams. Every year in our town we make a festival cph29alled ”Star Dust” in 3 days.

We also organize sport clubs and teams, there are also judo tournament and a horse-riding clubs, youth programs called “Knezha in Europe” , also a Red Cross. On 23 of November is the day of town of Knezha.ph28ph8ph17

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