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Germany, 16-20 March 2015

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Six students and two teachers visited the capital of Germany, Berlin. It was the sixth mobility of the Comenius project. The partner countries presented the effects of works on “Transforming waste into art” project. The also compared the posters “Nature beauty of our area” that depicted the attractions of the local nature. Students’ essays about the experiences of being the part of the project were read. Last but not least, the national team presented their dances – the Polish group showed the balroom dance – “Polonez”.


Nature Beauty – posters


Six posters showing the nature of Podlasie were made for the trip to Germany. The task was to show the local beauties of the nature, which was not a great challenge as Podlasie is famous for its unique nature, and has 4 national parks within its boundaries.


Transforming Waste into Art.

booksThe old books were used to create works of art that aimed at drawing attention to reusing things. The old books came to life again in the form of paper sculptures.



 Italy, 11-17 November 2014

Prezentacja1“Active citizenship” brochures were presented ina beautiful Verona. The Polish students prepared the brochure on noise. Julia Baran and Kasia Roszkowska presented the report of the first year of the project. The Comenius ‘band’ visited marvelous Venice and went Verona sightseeing.

Hungary, September/October 2014

Untitled-1 copyFour students took part in a Hungarian mobility. The Comenius multi-lingual dictionary was presented there and it served as a basis for the activities aiming at ecology and communication. The Comenius group visites a beautiful, grand palace and had a cruise on a gorgeous Lake Balaton.


Comenius 2013/14 report (June 2014)


On June 25 the official Comenius meetings with students and teachers were held at school. The Comenius Ambassadors prepared a PPT presentation and a hall-display of the Comenius project first-year achievements, among them: the Comenius hats, logos, “Our Comenius 2” project magazine, photos, toys and slide shows. All students-made!

Trip to the ecological centre (June 2014)

Strękowa Góra near Białystok is a centre of ecological education that focuses on the natural beauties of Podlasie region. A school trip lead by the members of the Comenius team observed nature in a 3-day-off-school period. They also visited a sewage plant located in the area.

World Environment Day (WED) (June 2014)

mały (14)

About 25 students (some with parents and siblings) took part in the street festival on the World Environment Day on  7th June. The town square hosted numerous institutions and oragnisations that deal with environmental protection. The students brought two huge bags of plastic bottles and old batteries and exchanged them for the anti-stress toys and two precious photo albums. These were used as prizes in the Comenius competition ” Show your culture, protect nature”.

Mobility to Spain (May 2014)


Three teachers and four students from Poland took part in another Comenius mobility to beautiful Spain. Their main task was to compare the results of the climat observations (weather diaries had been run from 31st March to 6th April) and to create T-shirts with ecological slogans. The Polish participants of the mobility unanimously say it was fan-tas-tic!

Slide competition – “Show your culture – protect nature” (May 2014)

JPG Natalia Szurmiej, Kasia Roszkowska

The aim of the slide show  competition is to encourage other students, teachers and parents to change the lifestyles into more evironment-friendly. The presentations  contains  10 slides with slogans and pictures/photographs or computer graphics.

Click on the image to see the winneing presentation by Natalia Szurmiej (15) and Kasia Roszkowska (15).

Ambassadors at Technical University (May 2014)

DSC_0118 mały

The Comenius Ambassadors and a group of students of PG9 took part in the VII Festival of Science and Culture at the technical University in Białystok. They visited the Environment Departament and the Centre of Modern Science. The students were quized on the environmental knowledge and three students (two of them – Ambassadors) were given special prizes. The technical University suggested further cooperation with PG9 on the grounds of environment.

Ambassadors visit local authorities (May 2014)


16 students were honoured to visit the City Departament of Environmental Protection. The students were hosted by the head of the departament  – Mr Adrzej Karolski and had the provilidge to interview him. The 2,5-hour meeting resulted in 25-page-long interview on the topics of the environment and its protection in the city of Bialystok.

Green Patrol (Apr 2014)

sunThe Comenius Ambassadors have turned into eco-police – they patrol school building rooms (corridors, toilets, etc) during the lesson time and make sure the light is not on when it is not needed. Every time they come back they report two or three places where light was on when not needed. The power station that produces electricity in Białystok is the biggest producer of air pollution in the city… 

Polish representative to Spain (Apr 2014)

LISTEN TO NATUREThe slogan by Urszula Kowalewska was chosen to represent Poland in Spain. “LISTEN TO NATURE” was selected out of 14  slogans prepared by the group of Ambassadors. The Polish team hopes it will gain the approval of the Comenius community  and that it will be easy to put on the T-shirt with a brush and some paint (hopefully, it will be readable when it is ready).

Weather diaries (Apr 2014)


The twelve Ambassadors observed nature and weather through all the week beginning from 31st March until 6th April. They made notes on various weather components, like: temperature or wind. The photos (some of them artisic) were taken three times a day to document the observation – in the morning, afternoon and evening. The diaries were published on the school’s website and on facebook.

Polish Ambassadors (March 2014)

n112 students of PG9 formed a prestiguous group of Comenius Ambassadors – they will represent Poland during the Comenius mobilities to the partner countries. They will also inform other students of the project assignments and achievements.

Congratulations, Comenius Ambassadors!… and Good Luck!

Mobility to Ajdovscina, Slovenia (March 2014)

DSC_0481This time Bożena Teleszewska and Monika Markowska went to beautiful Slovenia. They took part in the project conference on CO2 footprint experiment taht was carried out in all the project countries (Poland presented the experiment carried out by Bożena Stepaniuk and her students). The Polish issue of ‘Our Comenius 2’ school magazine was also presented during the conference – it was a report of a mobility in Poland.

Mixed groups of students and teachers worked together on creating an environmetal sign. The Polish teachers had to create the signs corresponding to the slogans: “Respect the nature” and “Don’t use plastic bags”.

The Comenius team visited the local sights and tourists attractions. They also went to a ‘dump hill’ and learnt about segregating and storing the rubbish.

How big is your footprint? (Feb 2014)


The students at PG9 in Bialystok took an online test ( to find out how thier lifestyles influence the condition of our planet. About 100 students took parts in this experiment. The result was not very optimistic, though. The avarage score -2,5 planet means that we would need two and a half planet if all the people on the Earth adopted our students’ lifestyles… which definitely gives food for thought…

Mobility to Bristol, England (Jan 2014)

DSC_0318Katarzyna Żukowska-Suchocka and Bożena Teleszewska represented Poland in Bristol in January (20-24th), 2014. The partners from nine countries of Eaurope worked on a Comenius project task: creating the Comenius calendar on environmental problems. All the countries contributed to the calendar –  Natalka Dzieszko’s photograph of a busy road was placed also in it. The partners visited the Bristol school and the local area, they took part in a traditional dance workshop and they planted some flowers in the national colours. the eco-pots were designed and made by the great English students.

Comenius Boards 2

The winning slide show on “Noise” by Natalia Dzieszko has been displayed recently on one of the boards. The other board is a display of partner students’ profiles and their e-mails about their schools and segregating rubbish (the Internet communication between students from Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany started in November 2013).

Slide show -‘Noise’ (Dec 2013)

''Noise'' Natalia Dzieszko kl. IId

Natalia Dzieszko was the winner of the slide show ‘Noise’ school competition. The student presented her self-taken photos of varous noisy places in her area of living: busy streets and highways with special screening, a noisy interior of a shopping centre, school corridors, a disco, road works with heavy machines working or the plane flying high and very noisily… Noise is all around us…

At a local Dogs’ Shelter (Dec 2013)

The issue of homeless cats and dogs is still a seroius problem in Białystok and the awareness  about it – low. Every year, the students at PG9 collect blankets and food for the local Animal Shelter – in this way they want to draw the attention of the school society and the parents to the problem of animals that suffer the cruelty of humans – often treated as a temporary toy that end up in the street.

Eco-christmas (Dec 2013)


A group of students (2a) took part in a school christmas competition  – they decorated their clasroom. Their idea was to use old newspapers, plastic bottles, bottle cups and other wastes. The result was astonishing and the team won the competition! Here is some of their art:

Comenius Boards 1

DSC_0769The Comenius Boards (CBs) are located in the main hall of the school. They are yellow and red – the colours of the city of Białystok. They function as an information board giving the news on the project. Joanna Gawryluk (15) is in charge of placing current messages on the boards. The first display was “Comenius logos” – the nine partner countriess logos that competed in the final stage of the logo competition in Poland. Then, some facts and figures about the partner countries were placed on the CBs.

Mobility in Poland (Oct 2013)

Helping the chestnuts trees (Oct 2013)

A group of students of PG9 helped to fight the insects that destroy the chestnut trees in the city. This action is held annually and is only a battle in the all-year combat with “szrotówek kasztanowcowiaczek’ – an insect that devours the leaves of the chestnut tree. The students from many Białystok schools  collect the dry leaves from the ground and put them in the plastic bags that are then burnt.

Logo competition (Sep 2013)

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