Again we spent a most wonderful time in our international teams, working together, laughing together and exploring together. Look at our sightseeing activities in Ajdovscina in Slovenia during our meeting in March, 10th-14th. Great many thanks to our hosts!



“The Pilon Gallery was established in 1973 from the art legacy of Veno Pilon (1896-1970), a famous painter and photographer. After his father’s death, his son donated all of his works to the town of Ajdovščina. The collection was later enriched with purchased items and donations. The Pilon Gallery also houses the collection of works of Pilon’s friends, and an international collection named the Vipava Cross. The exhibition programme includes paintings, drawings, graphics, arcitecture, photography and modelling.” From: Guide to Slovenian Museums and Galleries, by Skupnost Muzejev Slovenije

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“Open as a tourist attraction since 1819 by Austrian Emperor Franz Ferdinand, Postojna Caves contain 12 miles of subterranean passageways. The discovery of “the human fish”, Proteus Anguinus, prompted the study of cave-dwelling species as well as the science of speleobiology.” from: Finding Slovenia, by Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

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France Prešeren is a prominent Slovene Romantic poet. He is considered the Slovene national poet. In 1905, his monument was placed in the central square in Ljubljana, now called Prešeren Square.

In 1944, the date of 8th February, the anniversary of poets death was declared as the Slovenian Cultural Holiday, called Prešeren day. With Slovenian independence, the seventh stanza of his poem, called Toast (Zdravljica), was declared the national anthem of Slovenia, replacing the old Yugoslavian anthem. In 1992, Prešerens portrait was included in the Slovenian 1000 tolar banknote, since 2007, his effigy is on the Slovenian two-euro coin. Prešeren is Slovenian cultural icon and therefore the highest Slovenian prize for artistic achievements is called the Prešeren Award.

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“According to classical legend, the Greek Prince Jason stole the Golden Fleece from the king of Thessaly. Then he fled with his companions, the Argonauts. The conection lies in the escape. His route took him from the Black sea to the Danube, Sava and Ljubljanica rivers. At about Ljubljana’s present location, Jason slew a dragon gracing Ljubljana’s coat of arms, acting as the city’s mascot and guarding the bridge near the public market.” from: Finding Slovenia, by Jacqueline Widmar Stewart

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3 Responses to SIGHTS WE’VE SEEN …

  1. Thanks to all our friends from Slovenia, who organized the workshop and showed us the beautiful nature and sights of their country! You were so kind and hospitable. Several days we tell our friends, colleagues, family for you.
    And a long time will tell.You are wonderful! Congratulations!

  2. Totally agree with Pepa:)

  3. Alicia Herranz Sánchez says:

    Slovenia was amazing. Thank you very much to Slovenia team for your great work putting together a fantastic programme for our visit. Your hospitality and friendliness were very much appreciated. On Angustias’ and my behalf, thank you for a great an unforgettable experience.

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