Our workshop in Marcali, Hungary

In the meeting people who took part in were Penka Panagurska – coordinator, Iva Rangelova, Polina Damyanovska, Iskren Benovski and Teodora Dramalieva.



Warm welcoming at the school

10173709_778353088896721_908256583022051157_n   1926701_778353092230054_183679130450626164_n

A glimpse of the workshop

10613133_778353588896671_2252515535473217980_n   1468511_778353595563337_8875810703822171421_n

Visiting the town hall

1622055_778354708896559_852551213033322596_n 10639351_778355415563155_2662189429714741831_n 10659436_778355435563153_7343978759558624297_n

We took part in a sport competition

10155953_778356815563015_8670963577902854676_n  10641098_778356375563059_335908543746515209_n  10413404_778356352229728_8440863700150708521_n



One of our tasks was to put in the right order the days of the week in every language.

10610491_778359418896088_5225303341996973100_n 10675665_778358432229520_7861588509778622905_n 10711019_778358448896185_4889971349616186763_n

Our next task was to find out in Hungarian dictionary the meaning of certain words and to put them on a model.

1621843_778359525562744_3770755135731350929_n 10351605_778359528896077_6681650723858625028_n 10480206_778359532229410_3308315521695062878_n

Each of the partners were dancing a traditional dance.

1011737_778360778895952_5357417104517975501_n 10672403_778361868895843_9093480341178798639_n 10710671_778360905562606_6516318630385025201_n

We presented our work for the first year of the project.


Andrea with a gift made by Rosa Ivanova and students from sixth grade.

10530879_778373095561387_4934094006614068910_n   IMG_0143

Learning Hungarian dances.

10514505_778374335561263_1871233643560678356_n 10514546_778374388894591_8987739695619890579_n 10606421_778374405561256_4823720112374175393_n


Taking our certificates.

10658974_778375925561104_8962136367314499627_o 10686716_778374632227900_478154477000364410_n

1 Response to Our workshop in Marcali, Hungary

  1. Thank the hosts for the good organization and interesting activities!
    It was a pleasure for us to participate in the meeting!

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