Our students



Hobbies, family



Alexandra Metodieva           /17 years old/

I have one sister. Her name is Hanka she is 21 years old. I love to communicate with people. I can speak English. I really like to help others and I’m volunteer at 3 organizations. I love to make massages and I want to study medics. My hobby is basketball, car’s drive and dance.

Facebook :

Alexandra Metodieva


Denitsa Kotova                               /17 years old/

I am the only child in my family. My mother is a teacher and my father works in Spain.

I really like to speak English and I go on English language courses.

Facebook :Деница Котова


Lora Emilova Eneva

/17 years old/

My hobby is dancing, I’m a cheerleader. I also like English. I have a brother and two dogs. Going out with friends is a favourite thing to me, too.

Facebook : Lora Eneva     skype : lolsy__


Ekaterina Boninska

/17 years old/

I’m an only child. I go to private accordion lessons. I have one dog and one cat.

Facebook :

Ekaterina Boninska


Mihaela Maldjanska

/17 years old/

I really like going out with friends. My hobby is drawing and I think I am good at it. I have a dog her name is Sunny, and I adore her. I like meeting new people too.

Facebook :

Михаела Малджанска


Veselka Borisova       /17 years old/

I like to listen to music and to draw in my free time.

I have younger brother who is 14 years old.

Facebook:         Veselka Borisova

Email: lud0to_wesii@abv.bg


Denica Benovska

/17 years old /

 I have a brother and a sister older than me.My hobby is to take part in plays in the teathre so I like to meet new people. I love going out with my friends, watching films with them and we laughing a lot when we are together. My dog is  Cocker Spaniel, her name is Raq and I love her the most.


Деница Беновска


Emil Peshtenski

/17 years old/

I am an only child. I like to hang out with friends also to drink :D. I love to travel . I like some TV shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and American Horror Story.


Emil Peshtenski

skype: emil.peshtenski


Iskren Benovski

/16 years old/

I am a racing driver.I can play the guitar,tennis,table tennis and football,I also like meeting friends.

Email: isiracer33@gmail.com


Michaela Petrova

/16 years old/

I love listening to music and reading books. My favourite genres are crime fiction and thrillers. I also enjoy playing volleyball. Part of my free time I spend watching movies and TV series like The Vampire Diaries, Castle and so on.

Email: vamp_mp@abv.bg


Alexandra Kalenska

/16 years old/

I have been  interested in music for  12 years, more accurate in singing. Music is my life! I am talkative and I am always ready for new experiences  and meeting.

Email: ani_koteenceto@abv.bg


Vladislava Aleksandrova                  /16 years old/

I have a brother, I like  listening to music, to go out with friends, to draw and to play with my pet.

Facebook : Владислава Александрова

Email : vladka97@abv.bg


Viktor Zankov

/14 years old/

I like listening to music, I also like reading  magazines and books, I realy like to play with my pets, I have a sister(18 years old)

Email: viktor_zankov@abv.bg

Petio Pavlikianov

/16 years old/

I like playing football,volleyball and dancing.I have an older sister.


Петьо Павликянов


Teodora Dramalieva

/16 years old/

I like listening to music, reading books. I’ve got five sisters.

Email: teodora.dramalieva@mail.bg


Slavian Tomov

/16 years old/

I like horse riding , playing volleyball and listening to music. I have an older sister.

Email: stewe_irwin@abv.bg


Elitsa Zankova

/16 years old/

Outside of school I am singing, often attend competitions and concerts.

Email: elitsa_z_6@abv.bg


Borislava Bachiyska

/16 years old/

I like to  communicate with people. I like travelling and my dreams is to travel all over the world.

Email: bobka_8@abv.bg


Emiliq Petrova

/16 years old/

I love reading books, listening to music and doing sports. During my free time I like cooking desserts and making  things from natural materials.




Miroslav Georgiev

/16 years old/

  I am from Knezha and I have a little brother. I really like playing different kinds of sports like tennis, table tennis, volleyball and football. I also like meeting with friends and watching TV.



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