Town’s announcement

Every year on 23 November, Knezha is celebrating its announcement for town. It is the 70 anniversary from the announcement this year.


In this case there was a manifestation in the center of our town. The Bulgarian flag, Knezha’s flag and the European flag were elevated by students from different schools, including ours, who have won republican races for lifting weights and djudo.

1451578_540503336033464_1556463512_n  1471970_540503046033493_730126010_n

After this each school presented wreaths to the monument for our citizens who died in the wars.


For our anniversary there was a concert by the philharmony from Pleven in the Community centre.


Also in our Museum was an exhibition of pictures and icons made by people from our town. The exhibition was amazing. Students from our school went to see the exhibition.1450778_540503096033488_836675410_n

Our celebration ended with a fantastic firework show.


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