Posters “Nature beauties of our area”

DSC_0459The teams of students at Publiczne Gimnazjim nr9 in Białystok, Poland created five posters in the series of “Nature beauty of Podlasie”. Podlasie is a region in the north-east of Poland with a capital of Białystok. It has  largely unspoilt nature: there are 4 National Parks, 3 Landscape Parks and 88 nature reserves. Podlasie is also a part of the ecologically clean area known as “Green Lungs of Poland”. Our region is rich in many unique plants and animals – the most famous animal being bison (see the poster), followed by lynx and moose (to name just a few).

Nature Beauties Hungary 2 The Comenius Club of Marcali Noszlopy Gáspár Általános és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Marcali, Hungary have made several projects on our area’s natural beauties. Regarding its countryside and natural beauties, Somogy County is one of the most varied regions of Hungary. The most precious natural values of the region include the pleasant climate, the subtle sunshine and clear air, the soft hills dissected by manifold valleys, the spacious plains, the world of forests, the wide array of thermal waters and Lake Balaton.

Без имеThe Comenius Club of Knezha, Bulgaria created two posters in the series of “Nature beauty of Knezha”. Knezha is a small town, situated in the north-west of Bulgaria. Our town is famous for some of its endangered species – trees, plants and animals. Our area is very well-known for its extremely high and exceptionally low temperatures from up to -30̊C in the winter to nearly 40̊C in the summer. What makes us popular all over the world is the Maize research centre which is the only one on the Balkan peninsula.

Areas of natural beauty poster from Bristol, England.

Our entries for poster project from Verona/Italy:

Nat Beauty Italy Nat Beauty Italy (2) Nat Beauty Italy (3) Nat Beauty Italy (4)

Natural Beauties of SchlaubetalBerlin is in a pretty flat environment shaped through the ice age. Therefore rivers and hundreds of lakes,  swamps and moors, as well as 34% of the land being forests, present an attractive countryside in a sparsely populated area to the capital’s citizens and lots of tourists. Canoeing, camping, biking, hiking in tranquility and fresh air – our guests love it. The Baltic Sea, River Odra and low mountain ranges are one to three hours away from us. Unfortunately the recent server breakdown at our school made our posters unavailable so far, except the teacher’s sample.

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