Our workshop in Seville, Spain

Our  part in the workshop in Seville, Spain.  In the meeting people who took part in were Veselka Koldashka- headmistress, Penka Panagurska-  coordinator and students- Plamena Deninska and Alexandra Metodieva from 11th grade, Borislava Bachiyska from 10th grade and Maria Buserska from 5th grade.

10374514_708476455884385_7287072049190138429_n on Malaga Airport

27. 06. 2014

In the morning we visited the Town Hall in Mairena del Aljarafe, Seville.

10325502_708476672551030_1709045398114408826_n   10307167_708476732551024_1130400989547062905_n   10356008_708476752551022_4046578340308904525_n


Then we went to school and started our work on the project.


In the afternoon we painted our T-shirt with painting on our topic AIR POLLUTION.

10370997_708477442550953_8205439669755666924_n   10371743_708477512550946_3304987504574821883_n   10418198_708477792550918_6546015514599350851_n

Then it were shown to us flamenco dance and flamenco dress.

10438150_708477722550925_9010133901464697367_n   10152593_708477795884251_8157690222119088187_n

10353577_708477865884244_9206102043746604936_n   10373642_708477902550907_7954307895453577274_n


in the end of the day we received certificates of participation.

10336603_708478162550881_5703886283854434389_n   10372329_708477989217565_6515723506043190323_n

Our gifts for the hosts – tile made ​​of Veselka Borisova from 11th grade, and painted Bulgarian plates.

10415654_708478209217543_1570116470497667002_n   10256965_708478232550874_1985966086141068494_n   10152600_708478312550866_7783711470467719163_n



1 Response to Our workshop in Seville, Spain

  1. Great meeting! Unforgettable memories! Special thanks to our friends from Seville!

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