Our COMENIUS project

logoThis page is run by a team of COMENIUS schools, united in a project for the school years 2013-2015 about environment issues. Our project is supported by the European Union.

For two years, the project objectives will encourage students and teachers from partner countries to work together on an important topic for all: Changing the lifestyles for a wonderful environment.
Nowadays, environment issues are become more seriously. It’s very important for us to protect the environment. A better environment can make people feel happier and fit. To improve the environment means to improve our life. Therefore, human beings can protect the environment in three ways: conserving water, recycling, reducing, reusing and saving energy.
First, human beings can protect the environment through saving water. Water is very important to us because we can’t live without water. Water which is suitable to drink is becoming less and less. It is because we always waste a lot of water in our daily life. For example, many of the people always turn on the tap when brushing teeth. In fact, we must turn off the tap when brushing teeth and use a cup to fill water for gargle.
Different activities will be carried out in different fields ( history, art, sports, traditions). While implementing this project, they will examine the environment of school.Second, recycling, reducing and reusing are other ways to protect our environment.
The final products (recipe book, calendar, t-shirts, paintings, posters, photos etc) and results will be disseminated in several ways (booklets, presentations, mass media, web page, blogs).

1 Response to Our COMENIUS project

  1. Borislav Petrov says:

    I’m really surprised of the project’s ideas and purposes. They are just fantastic! I’m happy that I’m a part of that. Why not save the planet together…?! 🙂

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