Our workshop in Konya, Turkey

On 12nd May 2015 our group showed two presentations. One of them was based on the results of the questionnaires we made in January 2014 and April 2015. It was presented by Borislav Petrov. The other one showed all the activities we had made since we joined the project and it was presented by Slavyan Tomov.

After each of the partner countries showed their presentations we went to the school to watch the performance it had prepared for us. When we arrived there all the students welcomed us by singing traditional Turkish songs. Some of them were wearing uniforms and they were all holding the flags of the countries which were involved in the project.

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The school was very big and it had got a huge gym where some students showed us the performance. It was great and we were all impressed. The students who took part in the performance were prepared very well. They were singing songs, dancing and playing musical instruments. Some of them were even doing karate, showing us their fascinating skills. We had a short break during the performance so we could try some traditional Turkish food which was prepared by the school. It was very delicious and we liked it a lot.

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We left the school by taking an extremely big bus. It had got two floors and we all had a lot of fun. We visited delightful museums, mosques and other awesome places which we had never seen before. It was marvelous! We really liked it and we had a great time all together.

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On 13th May 2015 we visited one of the most wonderful towns in Turkey called Cappadocia. There were lots of rocks and rock houses with different shapes. Some of them looked like mushrooms, camels, fish, etc. There were also very big rock churches and our tour guide told us a lot about them. We could see real camels walking around us and we were allowed to take photos of them for free. It was unbelievable! We also visited a huge workshop where we could see plenty of exciting cups and plates made of different materials such as clay, wood, porcelain, etc.

1 10 P1090665


On 14th May  2015 we visited some more fascinating places. First we went to the Science Center. There we could see some incredible inventions such as different machines showing how the earthquakes happen, huge historical monuments showing how people in deserts had drunk water, some rooms with different Earth climate, etc.  We also watched a great 3D film about astronauts’ lives. It was just fantastic and everybody enjoyed it.

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After we visited the Science Center we went to an incredible park called “Around the world in 80 days”. It was the greatest place we visited. There were hundreds of dinosaurs which were made so realistic. Each of them was making different sounds. It was awesome… When we left the fascinating park all the teachers went to another park and planted some trees together.

1 10 P1090779

The wonderful day finished with a great dinner party in the huge gym of “Büyük Bayram Ortaоkulu”. All the groups had a lot of fun. Each of us was singing and dancing with their friends and we were all enjoying the last time we were together.

1 100 10

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