Transforming waste into art!

ЕCO Christmas in “Neofit Rilski” high school

During December our Comenius group worked on the topic “To convert the waste into art”. Actually in the initiative took part students and teachers from the whole school.

First of all we made a logo of the initiative.


Then a group of girls made a poster to invite everyone to take part.


The interest was huge and in one moment the school was full of beautiful and original Christmas toys, trees, pictures…all hand-made from plastic and glass bottles, used paper, cotton and other materials.

3   4


5   6


Then we pack up the most attractive and give them to some of the local communities – banks, other schools and business companies.

1   2


At the end we reward everyone who has taken part in the initiative in different categories – the most original idea, the most active participation, the most beautiful hand-made Christmas toy and so on. The prizes were charters and sweets for all students and teachers.



Eco Christmas

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  1. I am extremely happy to work with you! You are great team!

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