Report of the meeting

Hand In Hand for a Wonderful Land

September 29th-October 3rd 2014

Marcali, Hungary

Once again nine countries came together in Marcali, Hungary and took part in their fifth Comenius meeting as part of their joint Environmental project – Hand in hand for a wonderful land.

The following actions were achieved:

Monday 29th September

Partners from Slovenia, England, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Italy arrived at the Hotel Pelso in the region of Lake Balaton. Host Fehér-Kun Andrea greeted the partners and welcomed all participants to Hungary.

Students from all participating countries apart from England and Slovenia, who stayed at the Hotel with their teachers, were introduced to their Hungarian host familes.

Tuesday 30th September

Teachers and students from participating countries were welcomed by Marcato, the infamous drumming group who have toured accross Europe. The Headmaster welcomed the participants.

The mayor of Marcali met all friends at the Town Hall to welcome his guests to the town. Teachers were welcomed with a local wine from the region’s vineyards.

All guests arrived back at school where the Hungarian education system was presented and students partcipated in lessons. Marcali Noszlopy Gáspár Általános És Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola introduced their school to all partners. Pupils from the school were tour guides, presenting their lessons and the work of the project so far.

The school catering centre provided the visitors with a traditional lunch.

At the school’s gymnasium, students and teachers participated in It’s a Knockout! In home teams, each country took part in a range of fun, competetive games. Students from the school performed a dance and body percussion. The school provided a traditional meal for the guests in the evening.

Wednesday 1st October

All participants arrived at school early where they took part in a variety of activities that required them to use the Comenius dictionary prepared by the Hungarian partners. This included, posters, dance, translation and song.

Following this, the partners and students visited Festetics Palace at Keszthely. A tour guide explained the history of the building and the family.

Guests were treated to a Hungarian meal at a restaurant close to Lake Balaton, before embarking on a boat trip around the lake.

Finally, the group visited Badacsony where there was an opportunity to buy souvenirs and walk to the vineyards on the hill and taste the local wine.

Thursday 2nd October

The Comenius friends arrived at school and students from the particpating countries presented information on the impact of the project on their schools so far.

Students particpated in activities with Hungarian students whilst Teachers discussed actions for the remainder of the project.

All partners particpated in a traditional Hungarian dance workshop and final farewells and presentations were made, followed by a farewell dinner.


2 Responses to Report of the meeting

  1. We thank our kind hosts for the wonderful days we had in the Marcali. Everything was organized perfectly!

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