Comenius hats


The “Comenius hats” making took place on 23rd October in Białystok, Poland. For two weeks preceiding the event the students had been collecting the recyclable materials: cardboard boxes, newspapers, alluminum can, plasttic bags, plastic bottles, old CDs and bottle caps. They also prepared national flags with names of the countries for each of the nine teams taking part in the project work (the recyclable materials, namely cardboard boxes, were used).

10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (94)

At 09:00, the teams representing nine partner countries gathered in the school gym (Bulgaria was represented by a Polish teacher – Kasia Suchocka). The teachers (leaders of each team) had eight students to work with . Their task was to make two hats – “a national hat” – presenting their country and the “eco-hat” showing one of the recyclable materials. First, the teams shared their ideas and drew the designs (later, displayed on the wall).

10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (120)10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (107)

Then, all the participants gathered the necessary equipment and the hat-making began. The “national hats were a mixture of national colours and various aspect of culture: flowers, landmarks or food. For instance, the Leaning Tower of Piza and a delicious pizza were used in an Italian hat. A palm tree of the Golden Sands was a part of the Bulgarian design. The British team put the Clock Tower and the London Eye on their hat.

10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (116)Britain - bottle caps.10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (119)10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (117)

Each team had one leading recyclable material in their  “eco-hats”: Poland – cardboard boxes, Spain – glass, Germany – plastic bottles, Slovenia – old CDs, Hungary – alluminum cans, Britain – bottle caps, Bulgaria – platic waste, Turkey – plastic bags, Italy – newspapers.

Spain  - cardboardslovenia - CDsNiemcy - butelki plastikowe.10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (111)IMG_1760 (1)IMG_1754

It took four hours to design and manufacture “the Comenius hats”. The press were also present, taking photos of the event.

10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (104)10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (96)10 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (99)IMG_174010 Oktober 2013 Bialystok (105)IMG_4034

After that time, the audience gathered in the gym witnessed a spectacular fashion show with top models representations from each national team.  The student presented “eco-hats” and the teachers demontrated the “national hats”. The teacher-models’ walking styles: Ralf Bernegg (representing Poland) – proud/stone-faced, Imogen Roberts (Britain) – energetic, Diana Csasznyi (Hungary) – elegant, María Angustias Morales Muros (Spain) – graceful, Guglielmo Fera (Italy) -extrover, Saša Kravos (Slovenia) – professional, Claudia Schüler (Germany) – powerful, Kasia Suchocka (representing Bulgaria) – dignified, Mehmet Çağlayan(Turkey) – sporty.



 IMG_7118IMG_4083IMG_4079IMG_40771 (1)IMG_1764IMG_17831 (2)1

Then, a group photograph  was taken and Bożena Teleszewska (Poland) interviewed the models on their team work. All the comments were very positive as the students worked hard and communicated well in English. The Italian team even managed to teach some Italian, too!



Some more photographs were then, taken.  


4 Responses to Comenius hats

  1. Wonderful hats! Very creative of you!

  2. We thank the students and teachers from Poland, so they present Bulgaria! Wonderful show!

  3. europolefera says:

    Was a fantastic idea. Non only for the wonderful hats but for all that you have prepared for us. I spoke about what we have to show when the meeting will be in Verona.
    Thanks a lot for your work

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