2nd day

For the second-day main project works, see The Comenius hats raport.

IMG_4109 (1)IMG_4108

The Comenius hats workshop ended up with a spectacular fashion show in the presence of the press. After that, the Comenius group travelled to Supraśl – a small and quiet health resort near Białystok. They reached the old orthodox monastery in Supraśl, having survived  Mr Alfred’s (an ambitious bus driver) fast drive.
The monk at the monastery guided the group around the place showning the fortified church (rebuilt after II World War) and the tomb of Archbishop Miron (who died in a tragic plane crash at Smoleńsk in 2010). Then, the Comenius team went to see the Icons Musem located in the old monastery.

1 (19)1 (18)1 (17)_DSC0374
IMG_41441 (16)1 (6)1 (8)1 (9)_DSC03161 (11)1 (15)
_DSC0361cz (2)

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